It starts with an individual that inspires the society. A concept with emphasis on revolutionizing the way we think, do things around the world (anything, everything; ), something that starts from “Nigeria” and turns out Bigger, Brighter, Better.
The Nigeriania will pick six promising candidates from the six geo-political zone of the country. Then the 36 candidates will come together, be put in groups and given tasks while the audience will vote which group to be eliminated until the show will then remain with 20 contestants who will go into the Nigeriania House. It will be up to the audience to decide who wins for the remaining eight weeks, two contestants will be eliminated until the final two. The reality show will include themes such as what is Nigerian? entrepreneurship, corruption, health, cooking, religion and technology innovations with experts in different fields to judge and shed light on the facts.

Collaboration is a fundamental principle that guides the Nigeriania project. Our proposed primary partners in this project are;

  • Government and development agencies
  • Custodian of culture and value
  • Corporate organisations
  • Media houses
  • Institutions
  • Religious bodies and Politians

Target Market Profile

The psychographic profile of the target national is discerning, E- setting, opinion forming, digital, dependent and independent thinking, 18-45 group of independent thinkers with a diversified and innovative marketing idea. Young professional and corporate adults. A class with a thorough blend of new generation style of life. One who wants to be the change and likes to push the limit and have fun Male or Female of age 18-45 Years


The Nigeriania will host for 8 weeks in a ‘camp’ system setting. All participants will live within the campsite for as long as they are participating on the show. Within the 8 weeks, camp activities will engage participants by encouraging trial of different activities – improve their ability and capacity, build confidence, educate and learn important skills amidst high quality supervision and care.


Aspiring participants will send SMS {format: ie text “NIGERIANIA”} to a designated short code number. A token of N200 shall be charged for every SMS. An automated registration alert will be received for each SMS sent. Participants can also register directly from their bank account, using online banking. Registered candidates will be invited for auditions (specifying dates, time and location) via SMS, Radio Jingle, & Website Information placement. Candidates will appear before the reality show’s production/ jury panel for screening at the auditions.


The judging panel will comprise of 4 various industry experts It is expected that 36 youths will be shortlisted to participate in the 8 weeks reality show. Some of the screening criteria will include; Smartness, Intelligence, foresight & Health Status, etc.

The Nigeriania reality TV camp system will be a safe and supportive environment where all youth participants have a right to protection; and their welfare will be of paramount importance to the camp managers.

Nigeriania TV Reality Show camp system will be managed by qualified instructors and counsellors specializing in mentoring youths.

The camp system is structured to allow the eviction of participants everyday during the 8 weeks period till only 3 participants are left in the system from among whom the winner of the reality TV show will emerge.

Participants will be given a variety of tasks and assignments to engage them within the camp. Task/assignment activities are attached with score ratings which shall be used by the JURY to determine the success or failure of participants on a given activity. The Jury panel shall sit daily on the show to allocate scores.

Score ratings is between 5 (Highest),4,3,2,1 to 0 (Lowest) Cumulative scores will affect participants’ chance of remaining in or leaving the camp system.

Outstanding participants in the given tasks/assignments for each day shall be rewarded with incentives. Some of the entertainment and fun activities will include Fashion, Indoor and Outdoor leisure games, Karaoke, Cultural & Dance lessons, Famous Mascot camp visit and Aerobic/fitness fun activities to keep participants busy and teach them skills while ensuring they have a good time on the reality show. Some days on the reality TV show will be designated for cultural contests where the participants will be grouped and tasked to dress up in native attires of their choice, culturally welcome and entertain celebs from the entertainment industry using their discretion.

The celebs will be invited as guests to the camp, while each group will serve as host. Activities and tasks that will engender collaboration and team work to enhance Nation Building E.g. Task on improvement of Electricity, Education, Corruption, etc. The effectiveness of participants’ nation building will also attract score ratings.


We want to inspire pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future.


The focus is to empower youth in establishing goals and following through on commitments.


The Nigeriania wants to expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life’s possibilities


An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. The Nigeriania wants to surround young people in a caring, inclusive learning environment.


We aim to change the mindset of Nigerian youths towards the great nation Nigeria;


Engage youths in nation building. Discover pioneers and innovators. Promote patriotism and rebrand Nigeria at large

The show seeks to entertain and educate the audience with its tailor made thematic content that will cut into different episodes containing a number of community-based interventions on various issues that have hindered the country’s progress. It will ensure that there is much touched on issues affecting our society and nation. It will also clear-out the local inhabitant’s social responsibilities and give back to the community through edutainment.

In addition, the show with the powerful use of the video Reality TV captured on HD/LED cameras and aired during premium time will enhance public awareness and provide a platform that will spur communities to actively take part in national development.

Production Niche

With all sense of modesty, the Nigeriania will attract unprecedented viewership due to its unique concept. The entire project team, logistics, technical and artistic production and the post-production will be expertly managed. The show will also feature a charming moderator who will give the TV viewers insights into the show. Daily occurrence preview on the reality show, while presenting the show daily.

Eviction System

The panel of jury will sit on the reality show everyday to judge the participants’ assigned tasks and assignments based on the score ratings criteria. The higher a participant’s total score ratings the higher the chances of staying in the camp system and emerging a winner on the reality show; while the lower the total score rating on a given day the higher the chances of being nominated for eviction from the camp.

Winners Emmergence

The Winner will emerge based on the cumulative score ratings accumulated through various tasks/assignments on the show and the SMS votes of TV viewers since the SMS votes might play a crucial role in determining who escapes an eviction nomination after due consideration of the score ratings. The winner will emerge from among the last 3 participants left in the camp system. Winnings shall be awarded in the category of 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Rewards & Incentives

Winner: Cash Prize of N5 Million and Brand new car plus endorsement deal from our sponsors. 2nd Place: N2.5 Million. 3rd Place: N1.5 Million. All Contestants: Consolation Prizes of Gift Items from Sponsors TV Viewer(s) who sent the Highest number of SMS Votes per week: N50,000 with Branded Gift Items i.e. Smart phones etc.

Eviction will begin from the second day of the reality show. TV Viewers shall be able to save their favorite participant(s) from eviction by voting for them through a dedicated SMS platform. The higher the frequency of votes for a participant the higher the chances of escaping eviction each day (provided the participant(s) was nominated for eviction). (SMS votes will attract charges) Viewers shall be able to engage the reality show everyday via their Twitter handle, Facebook, SMS and other social networking tool with comments, ideas, pictures etc.